Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Differences Between American Standard and Acol Bridge

If you’re reading this, it's probably because you are thinking of learning to play bridge.  Millions of people play it, it's relatively easy to learn but complicated to master, it's fun and sociable.

Confusingly, there is more than one system of bridge bidding and before you start learning it is helpful to decide which system you want to learn.  Consider whether you will be playing exclusively online or whether you will want to play offline with friends or with a local club. 

There are two main systems that are played. Acol bridge and American Standard bridge. American Standard bridge is widely played online and also offline in much of the world.  In the UK, Ireland and New Zealand the main system is Acol bridge.

You may already have joined a local class and then decide that you want to get some practice by joining an online site.  You will need to be certain which system you are learning in your class so that you don't get confused by joining a site that plays using a different system.

So what are the main differences?
Over on the Blueberry Bridge website I've added a new post explaining the main differences between the two most common bridge bidding systems.  Head over and take a look to help you decide which system to learn.

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